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Powder coating  Winnipeg 

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Powder FX Custom Coatings provides high quality Powder Coating and Ceramic Coatings in Winnipeg and surrounding areas. Powder FX specializes in both pre-treatment and post-treatment for Powder Coating and Ceramic Coating services.

 Powder FX is conveniently located on 1955 Logan Street (blocks from Route 90). Open to the public from Monday to Friday, 7:00am-3:00pm. Saturday and Sunday, Appointment Only. For any questions, please call: 2044512744

 Powder FX maintains a solid dedication to the craft of powder coating by delivering high-quality finishes for metal, steel and aluminum products. Powder FX provides the absolute highest standards of product quality. The Powder FX commitment to you is a superior level of Customer Service and Communication paired with an efficient turnaround time. Powder FX has established a solid reputation as an industry leader based on passion for the product, quality control and pride in our valued Customers projects.

 Powder Coating provides metals and aluminum parts with a durable and longer-lasting coating. Powder FX Custom Coatings stocks on site over 80 different amazing colors to choose from. Colors include hammertone, metallic, candy, dormant powders and many of the RAL colors. If you don’t find something you love, Powder FX can source out your desired color. Customized finishes are available, depending on your projects requirements. These include smooth or wrinkled surfaces, matte and gloss finishes, and rough textures. Some powders require a second topcoat which is a clear coat to in order to enhance the color.